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Consumer Guide to Bird Window Strike Prevention

A comprehensive guide to window collision prevention options.  Compares all the approved options based on price, effectiveness, effect on view out the window and other factors. it also provides do-it-yourself directions for all of the systems.

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Quick Tips -How to Prevent Bird Window Collisions

One page of quick tips for consumers who want to protect against bird window collisions.  Tips are based on what factors are most important to the consumer — cost, effectiveness, view out the window, ease of installation.

Neighbors Recommend Window Strike Collision Prevention

In this video five neighbors tell about their positive experience in protecting birds against deadly window collisions.

7 tools for clubs to use to promote bird window strike prevention use by homewowners

Describes proven tools for convincing homeowners to install bird window strike prevention systems.  Includes directions to make displays and sample packs

Published: March 8, 2021

Install Window Collision Prevention for Whole Sunroom in 30 minutes -download

Install Window Strike Prevention for Whole Sunroom in an Hour

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