Feeders Not Safe at 30 Feet

Erroneous Feeder Placement Advice: 30 Feet Is Actually Less Safe. Dr. Daniel Klem, who performed the research explains that placing a feeder beyond 30 feet is not safer.  In fact the risk of death increases the further the feeder is from the window?  Why?  The birds do not identify a black space as glass; theyContinue reading “Feeders Not Safe at 30 Feet”

New National Audubon Native Plant Advice Is A Big Deal

Did you notice the change at the PLANTSFORBIRDS page at National Audubon’s site?  It is very important.  Here’s the new text. “And, if you’re attracting birds using native plants, you will want to ensure that your space is bird-friendly in every way. Visit our Reducing Collisions page to learn more about protecting birds from collisions with glass.Continue reading “New National Audubon Native Plant Advice Is A Big Deal”

Partners, naturally – leading homebuilder promotes native plants

Doreen Cubie // Garden for Wildlife // JUST ABOUT EVERY MORNING, Khushal Habibi walks along the banks of Walnut Creek, a small stream that runs through Skyestone, a 500-home development in Broomfield, Colorado. “It’s a great place for wildlife watching,” says Habibi, a retired U.S. Department of Defense biologist who is originally from Afghanistan. HeContinue reading “Partners, naturally – leading homebuilder promotes native plants”

Protect the Birds You Love to Feed

Just like bringing a pet home from a shelter, we invite birds to our homes by installing nest boxes or feeders.  If you adopt a pet you must show that you will provide it a safe home.  Our birds deserve safe homes. Our Windows are a Major Threat to Birds Birds do not see windowsContinue reading “Protect the Birds You Love to Feed”

Native Plants Popular Design

This is a couple of years old — but is still good news: Native Plants Increase property values. “This past April, the American Society of Landscape Architects released its 2018 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey, a members’ annual rating of the expected popularity of design elements. For the sixth year in a row, native plantsContinue reading “Native Plants Popular Design”

Environmental Laws Are Christian Based

Our modern environmental laws are founded on the Christian values of the culture in which our system of laws was developed. Because some environmentalists hold non-Christian world views, some Christians, especially evangelicals, see modern environmental laws as rooted in pagan values. They are not.  They are rooted in a system of law developed in a deeply ChristianContinue reading “Environmental Laws Are Christian Based”

Native Plants for Birds: It’s A Different Strategy

I am a strong supporter of native plants for birds. The native plant promotion system we developed in our club has been very successful – 45% of members have planted native plants. It is also at this site: https://birdfriendlyyards.net/freeplans/ However, building a bird friendly yard with native plants is different than planting native generally. LetContinue reading “Native Plants for Birds: It’s A Different Strategy”

New Hope for a Cat Friendly Option to Reduce Cat Predation

Although cats are the leading cause of bird deaths, membership organizations have been unwilling to address the issue because of the extreme reaction from cat lovers. It is now possible to address the issue with the support of cat lovers. It is with low dose cat contraceptives.  Cat lovers who maintain colonies know that manyContinue reading “New Hope for a Cat Friendly Option to Reduce Cat Predation”