“Lights Out at Home”

Good Strategy or Bad? It asked on a listserv where experts post on bird collision matters whether there is any research about lights and residential bird collisions. This question raises an important question about the interrelationship of science and bird safety advocacy. We must base what we do on the best science we have.  OnContinue reading ““Lights Out at Home””

New National Audubon Native Plant Advice Is A Big Deal

Did you notice the change at the PLANTSFORBIRDS page at National Audubon’s site?  It is very important.  Here’s the new text. “And, if you’re attracting birds using native plants, you will want to ensure that your space is bird-friendly in every way. Visit our Reducing Collisions page to learn more about protecting birds from collisions with glass.Continue reading “New National Audubon Native Plant Advice Is A Big Deal”